Who Are We?

We are a dedicated company in the billiard industry in America with various innovative billiards and pool tables. We take pride in ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best quality materials and games and are genuine in our pursuit of the transformation of what was once, into high quality and relevant once again.

We are a small family owned and operated business. RACK was founded deep in the heart of Texas over 15 years ago. The founder is a big fan of pool, who has-been watching professional pool tournaments from a young age on TV and even aspired to become a professional player however because of some family responsibilities and society pressures, he couldn't afford a table and spend much time focusing on education and the family business. While in college he decided to join the billiard team but of course due to the college workload, his college career in pool lasted only a few months. Since he couldn’t pursue his dream to be a professional player, he found another way to be a part of the Billiard industry. One of his long-term goals was to ensure that other aspiring pool enthusiasts who had an interest in pursuing a professional career in the pool would be given a chance to do so. This and other factors prompted him in establishing his own personal company, Rack Pool Tables. Rack Pool Tables has been in existence since 2003. Rack Pool Tables is one of the leading manufacturers and sellers of billiard tables in the world who primarily focus on affordability without sacrificing the high quality material and parts that are use to manufacture all types of pool tables.

Rack Pool Tables applies innovative design and pay attention to every detail on all its games tables, accessories, and furniture. Rack Pool Tables is dedicated to creating an enabling Billiard game table community and improving a better online store.

Most people want more time to relax and spend time with the family with the desires to make their home a place of leisure and entertainment. With Rack Pool Tables everything can be achieved at once.

Rack Pool Tables is a leading global company for all pool tables, billiard tables, and billiard table accessories, and pool table accessories! A strong dedication to the billiard industry and advancement, we have established a competitive billiard pools and accessories in the business systems with our services, offering nothing but the very best of Billiard Tables & accessories, with a focus on high-quality, durability, affordability and of course incomparable and unmatched customer service, support & rate of satisfaction. Rack Pool Tables applies innovative design and pay attention to every detail on all its games tables, accessories, and furniture. Rack Pool Tables is dedicated to creating an enabling billiard game table community and improving a better online store. Rack Pool Tables passion for quality and craftsmanship didn't stop with billiard tables. It cuts across everything you will find on our website.

Our Offerings

We create customer value. We sell high quality and affordable pool tables, cues and cases, and all other accessories and soon introducing gaming furniture. We don't just ensure you have a quality table but our tables are affordable, and we offer mini tables that will enable your kid to train in achieving their professional career.
Together with our enterprise customers, we are improving the phase of people's digital billiard and online game experience in work, life, and entertainment. Over the years we’ve been able to create a customer oriented company and satisfaction of our customers through creation of values.

Rack Pool Tables supports openness, cooperation, and a united success. With joint advancement with our friends, associates and we are increasing the value of everlasting wing of the Billiard game table to create a better market environment.
Our core belief is to strive hard to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our customer; we ensure that our customers receive nothing but exceptional service, knowledge, and expertise on all the products we sell and service. Hence we must ensure that our customer receives great products with a long history of endurance, functionality, and beauty.

Our Core Belief

We want to encourage and promote more physical activity and group activity that will enable communication among our children, families, friends, and colleagues in this technological and digital world. Whether it's a game of pool or any other game we understand that new doors of communication are opened which enables us to catch up, get to know and stay in touch with the people we care about most! Physical activity is not only good for the body and also the soul. For the past few years, Rack Pool Tables has handled a persistent, concentrated belief in our primary business, declining to find short cutting-edge by techniques and rejecting opportunism. We will continue to innovate strategic plans that brings greater opportunities to our customers creating a better and efficient billiard world.


We only use premium and the highest quality materials to manufacture all of our tables and accessories. If it is has a RACK logo you can be sure you are getting a quality product from a reputable company that stands behind all of their products. In fact we believe in our products so much that all of our tables and accessories come with an industry leading Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. If any of our products stop performing up to your expectations rest assured you’re covered!

RACK unarguably offers the most durable and best-looking tables for the price. Competitors often try to imitate and replicate our models for 30-40% more than our prices. Why would anyone pay more for an inferior product? That’s just silly. You wont find a company more dedicated to you and the product being delivered to you. We don’t just sell the superior quality pool tables and accessories, they come with hours of endless fun and memories just waiting to be made all at an affordable price! Check out our collection and start to RACK up your next game today!